Midwest Physical Therapy Motivating Patients With Care and Education

*Story can be found in Women’s Edition Magazine, May 2018

Midwest Physical Therapy has opened its doors in a new and spacious location, in Suite 200 at 11640 Arbor Street. Owner Cheryl Wisinski is board-certified in women’s health and has been serving patients for more than 30 years. Cheryl specializes in healing pelvic floor issues, including incontinence, pelvic pain, painful intercourse, and other associated symptoms, including back pain that can result from weakness in the core muscles.

Cheryl’s specialization in pelvic issues began when the need arose years ago in her general physical therapy practice. “In my process of seeing women with a sprained ankle or other injury, they would say, ‘I can’t do this exercise because I leak,’” Cheryl notes. At the time, very few institutions offered a specialty or doctoral degree program in the field. Even now, there are only 3,000 specialists in pelvic floor issues in the nation. Of these, roughly 500 are certified, and only two or three of them practice in the state of Nebraska.

The new, larger office space can accommodate 20 to 25 patients per day, but that doesn’t mean they rush you through your appointment. At Midwest Physical Therapy, the staff works hard to dedicate the appropriate amount of time and attention to each patient and to serve their individual needs to the fullest. They always work as a team, meeting regularly to discuss treatment plans for their patients.

A philosophy that Midwest Physical Therapy lives daily is teaching their patients why and how each home exercise will benefit them in the long term. Empowering their patients with the tools they need to take home and heal themselves makes a real difference in a successful recovery. When patients understand why they’re doing each exercise, it makes them more likely to comply with the program, Cheryl says. “We use models and pictures. Half of the first session is teaching the patient about her body—where her bowels are, what her pelvic floor looks like, and how they interact.” Not all physical therapists provide that depth of education, but the staff members at Midwest Physical Therapy feel it’s important to help their patients in this way. “Patients get a lot more benefit,” notes physical therapy assistant Britnee Hoffner.

Strengthening a muscle takes a minimum of six weeks of consistent exercise. Even if patients intend to comply with the program, it can still be a challenge to keep at it. The team at Midwest Physical Therapy understands this hurdle, and they make completing the daily exercises at home as convenient as possible. Cheryl and her team focus on short challenges known as “red light” exercises because they know “no one wants to go home and do 30 minutes’ worth of exercises. We try to make it functional and allow them to fit it into their day.”

After 30 years in her field, Cheryl has gathered multitudes of satisfied patients. Marti Rosen-Atherton says, “When I walked into Midwest Physical Therapy, it was with a cane. I was hardly able to walk. By the end of treatment, I was both pain-free and well-informed about far more than just my ‘traumatized piriformis.’ Because of Cheryl’s thorough and holistic approach to maximizing wellness, I excitedly overcame the limits of 26 years of post-mastectomy lymphedema and other issues that I thought I’d just have to live with. I especially appreciate their affirming philosophy of creating therapist-patient partnerships in healing. It has made a remarkable difference in how I understand and take care of my body.”

It is this kind of success story that makes the work so valuable for Cheryl. “Working with patients with incontinence is so rewarding,” she shares. “Issues like incontinence may prevent people from even leaving their homes.” The team at Midwest Physical Therapy assists with both physical and emotional recovery; they are accustomed to handling sensitive subjects for patients who have had enough of dealing with leakage and other pelvic problems. “People tell us they wish they’d come to us a year ago,” remarks Kareena Torres, another physical therapy assistant.

Though they specialize in women’s pelvic floor issues, the therapists at Midwest Physical Therapy also treat other injuries as well as men with pelvic pain, constipation, and incontinence. In their new, larger space, Midwest Physical Therapy has the room to welcome a massage therapist as well as a dietician into their facility—two more aspects of wellness that help them inspire their patients toward total body health.

Don’t let incontinence hold you back any longer! If you’re experiencing urine leakage, constipation, or pelvic pain of any kind, get in touch with the team at Midwest Physical Therapy. For more information, please call 402-933-8383 or check out midwestpts.com.

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