Precision Compounding: The Medical Masters of the Metro

*Story Written for Women’s Edition:

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Precision Compounding hasn’t stopped growing since its doors opened eight years ago, thanks to the teamwork of its owners, Nancy Johnson and Jodi Peterson. Nancy brings compounding experience from her hometown in North Dakota, while Jodi’s background is in pharmaceutical marketing. They’re the perfect duo to offer reliable pharmaceutical compounding services to the metro area.

The facility at Precision Compounding has an open layout, so customers can see the ins and outs of their medications as soon as they walk through the door. A sterile room is required to compound medications which is also utilized for injectables, everything is separated by airtight glass doors that keep conditions safe and up to code. Lisa Baine, PharmD, raves about the open setup of the business. “It’s really great because we can see everything that’s going on,” she says. “We can see all the foot traffic, so we can see and ask if anyone needs help.”

The full-time pharmacists on staff are extremely knowledgeable in the field, which is one of the great advantages to choosing Precision Compounding for supplements, medications, creams, or any other type of medication. With the ability to develop their own dosages and formulas, doctors “are getting the exact medications that they want their patients to have, and their word of mouth helps to establish that we are reliable,” says Lisa.

When it comes to sitting down with new patients, they stay consistent. “Every first-time patient gets brought into the consultation room, so we can answer the patient’s questions and explain the medication and how it works.” This is a level of customer service you might not get at a retail pharmacy. While they understand that everyone is in a rush, the pharmacists at Precision Compounding want to be 100 percent sure that you know exactly what you are taking before you leave their facility.

Medication compounding can be useful for many different reasons. As more people find out about food allergies and intolerances, compounding pharmacies become even more popular resources because they can customize a supplement or medication that ensures it will contain no allergens. Vegans and vegetarians appreciate Precision Compounding’s ability to make gelatin-based supplements without the use of animal products.

Currently, their expertise in nutritionals is growing along with the needs of the public. Because the FDA does not regulate supplements, Lisa notes, patients have to place great trust in manufacturers and pharmacies. She points to testing done in New York a few years ago to determine the ingredients of certain supplements and compare that to the label on the bottle. “Not only did they not have what they said they did as far as the active ingredient, but they said they were gluten-free and actually had traces of wheat. Consumers have to be very careful with what they buy.” Because of this, every brand at Precision Compounding comes with a certificate of analysis, which reports the exact ingredients in every supplement bottle.

Bioidentical hormones are another of Precision Compounding’s specialties. Bioidentical hormones have the same structure as those produced by the human body, meaning they fit exactly into the receptors of the body. Along with allergies, hormone imbalance is a medical issue that is beginning to gain traction and awareness. Because of this, Precision Compounding offers home testing kits that allow patients to test their hormone levels at home. “You can test for a whole panel of things,” Lisa says. “You don’t pay us for the kits; you pay the company once you decide to do the testing.”

Patients of all ages are dealing with hormone issues, Lisa asserts—hormone regulation is not just for aging women. “I think people hear ‘hormones’ and think of menopause, but it’s really for men and women of all ages for different reasons,” she says. Co-owner Jodi agrees that they have been seeing more men come in for testosterone regulation.

Clients appreciate the service and quality they receive at Precision Compounding, not to mention the cleanliness of the pharmacy. “The service is impeccable,” says one satisfied client. “Everyone is helpful—and talk about sterile! Squeaky clean! I feel so safe having my compounds made here. Thanks, Precision Compounding, for eight great years.”

“We can compound a medication to help any division of medicine,” Lisa concludes, and she’s not exaggerating—they create pharmaceutical compounds for pediatrics, pain management, dentistry, otolaryngology, dermatology, even veterinary medicine! If you’re looking for a compounding pharmacy you can trust to deliver the personalized medication that you need, look no further than 15722 West Center Road, in Omaha. For more information about all the services offered at Precision Compounding, visit or call 402-932-6373.

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