Anytime Tees – December’s Small Business of the Month

If you’re facing down a fashion emergency on game day, the team at Anytime Tees is ready to help.
Winner of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce’s December Small Business of the Month Award, Anytime Tees is a comprehensive customization business that caters to any occasion.
The business was nominated directly through the Chamber of Commerce, owner Rachel Nagunst said.
“I take it to mean that we are doing a good job, to be nominated by our own contact,” she said. “Everybody (at the Chamber) is super helpful. Anytime that we’ve needed help with something, they’ve always been there.”
Having been a Chamber member from the start of her business, Nagunst saw the value immediately during orientation.
“It was great,” she said of that first event. “I talked to several people and I got some leads from it.”
Beginning in spring of 2010, Nagunst started her business working out of her own home with simply a hot press and vinyl cutter while working part-time and learning the trade at another T-shirt vendor.
With a degree in Sports Management, Nagunst coached basketball and softball for 10 years and brings that experience to her printing enterprise.
Because of her connections with high schools and coaches, she was easily able to establish relationships with teams to provide T-shirts, logoed accessories and other items for high schools.
However, Anytime Tees doesn’t just help with high school teams. Promotional T-shirts, lanyards, keychains, customized embroidery and any number of items can be created at the drop of a hat for events or businesses.
They embroider hats, polos and jackets as well as produce digitally-printed promotional logos such as banners, decals and even license plate frames.
In fact, Nagunst has seen to it that orders of all sizes are easily accommodated.
For a soccer mom without a hoodie or a dad missing his favorite logo T-shirt, Anytime Tees maintains a database of logos on file, should a fashion emergency come up before a big tournament.
In fact, individual T-shirts made with heat transfer vinyl (HTV), according to Nagunst, “it will take you longer to pick out the shirt than for us to print. Press it for 10 seconds, and it’s done.”
She chooses HTV for on-the-spot orders because it is less labor intensive while still fusing the logo directly onto the fabric.
For large orders; however, Nagunst uses screen printing. It’s the most well-known method that produces a long-lasting effect, but requires additional steps to complete.
Anytime Tees offers, “just about any kind of customization,” Nagunst said, and is growing and improving their processes.
Clients are now able to proof, pay for and approve their final products online, as opposed to visiting the store each time, but are welcome and encouraged to drop by anytime.
Always considerate of her clientele, Nagunst’s reasoning behind her method is “always trying to make things as easy as possible for the customer,” rendering the process leading up to receiving the product as seamless as possible. She tries to work with every customer that orders.
“I’ve always had my hand in every single order,” she said, “and now we’re growing to a point where I can’t do that. Whether I’m on the phone with a customer or someone else is, they’re receiving that same level of customer service.”
Anytime Tees has expanded to its second location at 1034 Wright Road in Council Bluffs where they are conveniently open until 7 p.m. during the week to accommodate parent, teacher and coach schedules.
Now open Monday through Friday, they may possibly be offering Saturday hours in the future.
“Since we have a lot of schools, we do it so coaches are able to pick up after practice,” Nagunst said.
For more information, peruse their website to see what they have to offer your team at

Written for the Omaha Daily Record:

Say “So Long!” to the Yo-Yo Diet: Keep the Weight off with Rosalie Joy

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Struggling with weight loss is a common issue that affects people of all ages, genders, and body types. Rosalie Joy of Eustis, Nebraska, has made it her mission to help others reach their weight loss goals. To help her clients get where they want to be, she uses her expertise and coaching skills in conjunction with Suddenly Slim® products.

 “I’ve always watched my weight, from a very early age,” Rosalie recalls. “I started my first diet when I was 14.” Whatever methods you’ve used to try to lose weight, she has probably tried it, too—Weight Watchers, low-carb diets, stringent calorie-counting, and countless other strategies. In the 1980s, she and her husband decided to begin preventative maintenance and “take care of our bodies in a way that would honor God,” says Rosalie. Desiring a more holistic approach, Rosalie decided to start eating healthier foods and taking supplements rather than medications.

After years of fluctuating weight, Rosalie was introduced by a friend to the Suddenly Slim program (manufactured by FirstFitness Nutrition®). Rosalie was initially skeptical, but her doubts were soon erased when she started noticing visible results of her own. Through personal research, she has learned that, in order to fully absorb nutrients from food, the body needs to first be free of toxins and bacteria that can slow metabolism and hamper the digestive system.

Suddenly Slim is a shake-based program, but participants also eat real food from day one. They also offer a supplement that curbs cravings by simulating dopamine in the brain. Their meal plan is modeled on the one designed by the American Diabetic Association. Their shakes are perfectly balanced for people with diabetes and are ideal for a quick meal. Suddenly Slim offers three different programs to suit individuals with different dietary needs and weight loss goals.

When it comes to restrictive diets, people often reach a point when they decide to go back to what they were previously eating and, ultimately, they end up weighing as much (if not more) than they did when they began. To combat this cycle, Rosalie tailors her coaching to each client. “I work with people on an individual basis,” she explains. “Some people need quite a bit of detoxing, and they go through something like a withdrawal…people who have followed a healthier diet don’t need as much time to detox.”

It’s important to avoid going back to old habits after doing a Suddenly Slim program, Rosalie notes. She helps her clients remain intentional and focused on the bigger picture of overall health and wellness, avoiding foods that are harmful in the long term. She also guides her clients toward the products that will help them maintain weight loss and curb cravings. Her coaching has been very helpful, reports her client, Gwen. “I have found that my cravings and hunger have been controlled as I follow the food plan, use Body FX Meal Replacement Shakes, and take the appetite suppressant Xanolean Supreme three times daily. If I miss a shake or forget a Xanolean, I find myself on a ‘food hunt!’”

Rosalie understands the skepticism people might feel about trying yet another weight loss program; she was initially skeptical, too. What Rosalie brings to the table is her personal success—she doesn’t just sell the Suddenly Slim program; she lives it every day. Having found something that truly worked for her, she wanted to share it with others. “If I could find something that helped me, I knew I could help other people,” she asserts. “When I was able to keep the weight off, it was life-changing.” She enjoys the benefits that FirstFitness Nutrition promises, including greater energy and a more consistent mood.

What truly sets Rosalie apart from her peers is her penchant for customer service and her genuine understanding of what her clients are going through. She stresses the importance of meeting people where they are and moving forward from there. She notes that some people come in and out of the program, but she chooses to remain available for them when they need help. By maintaining an open door policy, she can be a consistent source of motivation for those who are fighting to improve their quality of life. As her client, Yvette, says, “Bottom line? This program works! It’s easy; no tracking or counting. The products set you up for success by changing your cravings, and you use them in conjunction with real food. All this, and you get free coaching to tailor this program to your needs.”

If you’re ready to lose weight and keep it off, schedule a nutrition consultation today! Rosalie is ready to help you meet your goals. Find Rosalie online at

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